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I welcome all my readers with Joy to 2016. A year of so much Great Grace and at the same time, a year of Great Contentions.


welcome all my readers with Joy to 2016. A year of so much Great Grace and at the same time,  a year of Great Contentions.


God does not create anything on earth except He ushers it in through numbers.  A number enables a  page, as any book you read, you will find that the page of that book is standing on numbers. Numbers enable Pagination. Numbers enable  Pages as pages are counted in number. So you find destiny numbers, opening destiny pages, for your life. It is important that when the numbers are coming, you must know and recognize the power of  such numbers.

Numbers are established directly by God. Numbers confirm Man's belief in God. The number God gave to you which he has established and declared towards you, you must confirm that number in your life by believing in God. So God said if you believe in what he says to you and the number he gave to you, you shall be established. Numbers are established by believing in God. You cannot be established except you believe. So you must believe in the number and the word of God to you.

When you believe God and his sent true prophet to you, you will prosper. The reason why sixteen for example is coming on the year 2000, (giving us 2016), is for prosperity. That number 2016 brings Prosperity for those in Covenant relationship with God. The Scripture says in Proverbs 4:18 that “these path of the just shinneth more and more unto the perfect day”. We have left 2015 and are now in 2016. More blessings, power, anointing and Grace are coming your way to be added to you.Waiting for you to embrace them.

Numbers must be emphasized, declared and established. As we get into 2016, the whole package of what God has given us is in that number (2016). That number God has giving to us must be declared and made known and upheld. So we declare and emphasize the good number that God has given to us for our welfare.

Numbers are very significant in determining what is held in store by a season or year. Now the number “16” in 2016 is a product of 8+8. So “16” stands for double “8”. Now the number “8” is the number of circumcision. For remember, the male seed of Abraham (the father of faith) must be circumcised on the eight day (Genesis 17:12-14). The Number “8” is also the number of Uncircumcision as the uncircumcised in our midst is determined from the “8th” day. So the number “16” presents two eight (8) numbers. “8” the number of circumcision and “8” the number of uncircumcision.
“8” for Circumcision standing for a covenant with God and “8” for Uncircumcision standing for a preference to be with the enemy. So we find that “16” present a contention in that it presents two contending numbers “8” vs “8”. Though the two “eight” (8) are in the same womb (2016), there will be the chase for supremacy and contention between Good and Evil. The good contending with the evil. The righteous chasing the evil to overcome the evil, and the evil will be doing the same, chasing the righteous to overcome the righteous.

The devil and the world of darkness wants to refute the good that has been programmed for your life. This is what brings the contention and what the contention will be about. When satan seeks to counter the Word of God in your life, he begins to deny the reliability of the Word of God. God is saying “yes! it must be” and on the opposite side, the devil is saying “it cannot be” . But thanks be to God that the voice of God and word of God is greater than that of satan. So you must believe the Word of God that says to you that you are alive, prospering and having good health. When you do this, you disbelieve, abandon and block your ears to the power of the enemy and the voice of satan that is saying “be sick, be poor and be oppressed”.  You must block your ears to these sayings from Satan and his voice. Refuse to hear Satan. Choose to hear God and not Satan. Remember Jesus saying “my sheep hear my voice and a stranger's voice they will not follow” (John 10:3-5).

All numbers of God are true, great, holy, original, righteous and love made. All numbers of God and everything that God does and gives to his people, the power and the force is greater because they are true, original, righteous and Holy. Now all powers of satan are fake, lies, false and deceit because they do not have the power of the beginning and the power of the end. Only God has the power of the beginning and the end and only God can control things from the beginning to the end without failing. That is why he made us to be Prosperous. Prosperity from God is the power to go from the beginning to the end without stoppage, without failing and without being hindered.


Recently, the Lord revealed to me the battles which are already on between the forces of evil and the forces of righteousness in the heavenly places ahead of the New Year.

I saw the four winds of the forces of evil contending with the four winds of righteousness in the high heavens. While this fight was going on, the powers of the enemy which appeared red in colour were suddenly cast down by the power of the Ancient of days. After these powers were cast down, they later took the form of milk containers.
The first container fell at my foot. When I saw it, I t enquired of the Lord what this meant. God said that the milk container represents the economy, stating that the enemy has put in place very tough economic measures that will affect people seriously in the year 2016.

These corruptible milk containers represent polluted doctrines, words and ideologies of the enemy. Packaged by spiritual wickedness in high places which are already being used to corrupt people on earth including some children of God. So many people have been deceived. They feel they are enjoying something and benefiting from such satanic inspired religious powers who pretend to be for the good of men. However, they are not so eventually.

Therefore, in 2016, there will be a contention between the evil and the righteous. Every true child of God should put on the whole armour of God and be ready to contend with the powers of the enemy (the antichrist). (Ephesians 6:10-11)

Plans have been concluded by the powers of darkness to invade the legislature of the country in 2016. Their agents have been given powers in their mouths and on their faces to sway legislators at the national level particularly, to yield to satanic agenda.

Some men in the legislature who are already yielding themselves to these powers, have been given the heart of the beast and with this, they will invade the legislature aiming to execute the mandate of hell.

Truth and righteousness will be fought and prevented, thus forcing people to turn from the way of righteousness to the way of unrighteousness. This evil which they intend to carryout is already affecting some eminent people in this country.

There shall also be hatred and attempted  curbing of  the liberty of the Press and the righteous who are watching over the Nation in order to stabilize it on the path of truth and righteousness. There will be an attempt to scare the Press and the righteous who are watchmen over the Nation from delivering their rightful services.

In order to destroy the plans which the enemies are projecting against the Nation, the righteous should embark on intensive intercessions, fasting and prayers for the Nation.

Since we now know that we are in a war of contention, avoid empty lifestyle or vacuum lifestyle. Ensure you have the seed of God in you. Make sure of God and do not create a vacuum in you. Even though the devil is fake, if you allow his fake and vile seed into your life by allowing a vacuum it can fill, you will begin to empower it for growth and establishment because our lives hate vacuum. So when there is a vacuum, it seeks for it to be filled. So prevent vacuum. Allow the Word of God to be in your heart and your mind. That is the only way to prevent ourselves from having vacuum. There should be no emptiness in us. Make sure we fill ourselves with the Word of God, so that there will be no vacuum.

Eight is the number of identity for circumcision. In other words, if you and I are going to be victorious, prosperous and go through life in 2016, then we must yield ourselves completely to the eight “8” of God. We must be the circumcised people of God. The overcoming people and the covenant people. Eight is the number of Circumcision. In other words, we must allow ourselves to be set aside and circumcised. What is circumcision. It is simply the crucified life in Christ. So kill your flesh, mortify the deeds of the flesh, crucify your flesh and the works of the enemy shall not have dominion over you.

Now the opposite “8” is the number of identity for the uncircumcised. The eight day after birth determines whether one is circumcised or uncircumcised. So Sixteen “16” is a battle between the circumcised and the uncircumcised. Between the believer and the unbeliever. Between those who know God and those who do not know God. Between those who God have made a provision for and those who are outside the covenant of Promise. This battle is going to intensify in the year 2016.


2016 inclusively marks the beginning of God drying up the River Euphrates, as disclosed in Revelation 16:12. Euphrates means that which makes Fruitful. That which makes nations; rich and wealthy. It is also symbolizing blessings as blessings make rich. In Genesis 2:14, the River Euphrates is mentioned as the fourth River of wealth and riches that had its origin in the River that watered the paradise of Eden. Euphrates speaks of Fruitfulness for Nations. Fruitfulness in Business and Finances. Fruitfulness attracts Business and gives rise to the market forces of Demand and Supply. Therefore it also attracts Prosperity. Now imagine if it dries up?

Euphrates promotes its wealth nature for nations through durable items of International trade. As Crude Oil which makes for wealth and fruitfulness in nations, where it is present and bring blessings to such nations. Now the recent fall in Crude Oil prices (we are seeing from the last end of 2015 and which seems to indicate continuity in 2016) is an example of the drying up of Euphrates in such nations. Such exporting countries of Crude Oil become economically depleted and there is loss of power of sustainable budgets for such nations.  Already in Nigeria, it is becoming obvious that the ruling Party  may have challenges in fulfilling the promises in their manifestoes. Thus pride of kings and nations will crumble and this will make wise kings and nations to be humbled. Consequently, the irreversible economic downward trend will give way for the wise kings of the East to seek God for Salvation.

Remember crude Oil export is the major business of the nations of the Middle East and the nations of the Arab world. So one of the purpose for which God dries up the river Euphrates is for the kings of the East to come into Salvation.

Also, let us look at the significance of water in the River Euphrates. Water represent Peace. Peace makes fruitfulness possible. The conducive environment of Peace makes Fruitfulness and wealth possible. But if the water dries up, then Fruitfulness and wealth of nations begin to dry up. So economic hardship and difficulties will become preponderant and scary. When there is no “Water”, there is no “Peace” or “Progress”. In 1 Kings 17, at Prophet Elijah's word, there was severe famine due to no rain in Israel. After three years, he located King Ahab in 1 Kings 18 and King Ahab said to Elijah “Art thou he that troubleth Israel” (1 Kings 18:17). So the absence of water brings trouble. A lot of troubles that trouble  nations.

Water also represents Market “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price”. (Isaiah 55:1). A Market is where you buy and sell. So when it says in Isaiah 55:1 for the thirsty to come to the waters and buy without money, it makes the water to represent a market. So drying up the water, will affect the mechanism of buying and selling in such nations. When supply is excess and demand is low and deeply downward, Prices will fall. Now in Isaiah 55, God said for us to come and buy without money (Isaiah 55:1). This speaks of the market situation. So the kings of the East and other affected nations can now begin to buy Peace without money by turning to the Lord. God is the only one that can turn things around. So the nations need to turn to Him, the creator of all things. Remember, it is those that know their God that are strong and do exploits (Daniels 11:32).  So the only way to find Peace is in God for the nations.


In Exodus 19, when God was leading his people out of Egypt, he called Moses up to the Mountain (Exodus 19:20). The Power that God has given us to overcome in 2016 is the Eagle's way. What is the Eagle's way? The Eagle  mounts up from the ground with wings. Note the word “Mount”. The Eagle goes up or Mounts up into the mountain. Now from biblical common parlance and theological study, we know that when One speaks of going up into the mountain, he is talking of Fasting. So God wants us to Mount up or go up with Fasting and Prayers and reading and meditating on the Word of God. We are to start the year very strong in mounting up with wings of Eagle into a high mountain and make our nest there. Nest as in the place we stay there. That is where will be our dwelling place to overcome all the turbulences and plans of the enemy. We mount up. We mount up.

The instruction of God which he has given to us that we will use in overcoming the enemy is to mount up as Eagles. Do not go on in the year without going to that mount. The mount of Praying, Fasting, reading and meditating and doing the Word of God. Also continuing in Praise and worship. There should be wisdom, understanding and knowledge in everything we do.


In 2016, we must determine for Great Grace. We must determine to overcome. We are determined that we must arrive at our destiny. Nothing will bring us down. We must determine that nothing will stand on our way of goodness. We must determine to succeed in life in 2016. We must prosper and destroy every force that is standing and trying to oppose us on our way. Determination for Great Grace. God himself is the author of Great Grace. God has determined that we must succeed in life in 2016.  In Exodus 19, God said “see how I brought you to myself on Eagle's wing”. This is the  Power that God will use in bringing you to himself and shielding you. When you yield to mounting up, you will become God’s wonderful people.You will become a cynosure of all eyes, among the wonderful people in the whole earth. God is about to make you a kingdom of Priests in the year 2016. This is what God is about to do for you  in the year 2016.

In some of the strategies that will help us overcome, I told you the main strategy is the Eagle's way.  And I have told you four things we can learn from the Eagle mounting up.

1.    To  mount up in Prayers
2.    To mount up in Fasting
3.    To mount up in meditating on and doing     the  Word of     God.
4.    To  mount up in Praise and Worship

When you Praise God,  it will take you into unusual levels. Mount up with Praise. This year 2016 the enemy is going to attack Business. The enemy is going to attack Finance. The enemy is going to attack the Legislature. The enemy is going to attack the Judiciary and the freedom of the Press. The enemy is going to attack people who are voices in the nation especially those in limelight. There are so many things that the enemy has in his hands. The enemy wants to unleash these things upon the nations of  the world. That is why you and I must rise up in Power to overcome all the dangerous budgets of the enemy which he has budgeted for 2016. We must bring down the Budget of  Satan and promote the Budget of God. But those who will  stand in the gap to do it are you and I, the people of God. People of the Covenant who God has given Power, that whatever we bind on earth is bound in Heaven. So all the budget of the enemy and  of his wickedness which he has budgeted against our business, our finances, our legislatures, the Press, the government, our home, the land, I abolish them in the name of Jesus.


The enemy has released powers to eat up the harvest and the blessings of people and nations. Particularly the people of God. But the Lord is deepening the Church to crush such powers. So it will be a year of Restoration for those who will allow God to deepen them. The cankerworm, palmerworm, caterpillar, etc that were eating up the harvest of the righteous are now being dealt with by God. God is taking the Church into a deep realm of knowledge and wisdom and understanding of mysteries. Certain things that were in hiding and were working against the Church are now being exposed by God and dealt with. God is redeeming his Church. So it is a period of redemption.

In this last part of 2015 and against 2016, one of the major things the enemy has done is to release a Spirit of Lust and fornication with immorality targeted at men and women of God. The enemy's desire is to scandalize the Church and the preaching of the Gospel. This must not be taken for granted. Men and Women of God must be careful.

It is a special preparation by the world of darkness to bring them to disrepute. One of the hidden agenda is to ensure that solid homes with well respected families begin to break up. Families that have bonded will begin to split. The spirit of lust will seek to lure the men or women away and in some cases, both of them. These will be very seriously embarked upon. When people, families, honourable persons, etc yield to these spirits of Lusts, the enemy has put in place mechanisms for publishing and ridiculing them to ensure that the scandals last.

In a revelation, God took me to a Mountain which symbolized the Mount of God's word. He took me into the deep folds of the mountain and I saw hidden in one of the core underfolds of this mountain, a huge demonic beast whose main assignment was to eat up the harvest of God's people. So the people seem not to be getting “their desired harvest”. But now that God is deepening the knowledge and awareness of the Church, he is revealing this wicked beast so that the Church can become aware and deal with such in the place of prayers.

I pray for the Church and the government in Nigeria at all levels.

I bless the governments that they will not be agents in the hands of the enemy, but a tool and agent in the hands of God. God bless you.


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