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The harrowing Pains the citizens of this country are currently going through arises out of the need for Decency and Order. Doing things orderly and properly has become strange to many Nigerians for decades. Nigerians have become used to doing things the way it suits


The harrowing Pains the citizens of this country are currently going through arises out of the need for Decency and Order. Doing things orderly and properly has become strange to many Nigerians for decades. Nigerians have become used to doing things the way it suits them. All kind of disorder, recklessness and impunity ruled us as a people. High level of Fraud and Corruption pervaded with those in governance and political authority and this reckless corruption preceded the present Buhari Administration while encompassing all the previous governments from ex-President Jonathan through Obasanjo back to the military regimes. Corruption and recklessness were promoted in  high and low places such that if this present government had not come in when it did, perhaps Nigeria would have been a foregone nation by now. Billions of Dollars and Trillions of Naira were wasted away. The toll of that waste account for the pains we are feeling today. The stealing, looting and open thievery  perpetrated in nearly every sector of our economy with the Church not excluded. But being an accomplice through her silence in not outrightly crying loudly and effectively against these stealing in high places.  
Now a new Federal government has come into power demanding accountability, order and security of the people's future and there is a cry of pain in the land. As the people have not been used to order and accountability. We have heard from a former National Security Adviser how billions of dollars meant to equip soldiers in the war front fighting Boko Haram were misappropriated and ended up in individuals pockets as Political patronage. While our patriotic soldiers were left to die in the warfronts without proper equipment. Their children were orphaned, and their wives became widows. Many of our Christian sisters were kidnapped, raped and carried off to unknown destinations. Because the Soldiers who ought to protect them were not properly equipped and thus exposed to mindless slaughter by Boko Haram. The money provided by the International community for their equipment and budgeted from our national budget for them were stolen by cartels of thieves in Political Offices who had no conscience anymore. So a call to order in such a nation will elicit pain. What we are facing today arises from the evils perpetrated under previous governments. Because if the money were used for what they ought to have been used for, Nigeria will not have been where it is today.


Change is painful but necessary. It is in feeling the pain we will get out of the pain. I want to assure all that there is great hope for this nation. From the second quarter of this year 2016, we shall begin to see the awakening of the economy in nearly every sector by divine support. Divine because this present government and its advocacy of “Change” is divine. A divine arrangement to rescue Nigeria from drifting further into an endless abyss.

2016 is going to be a year of surprises. People will begin to experience signs of freedom and relief from the second quarter of this year. Infact, by the end of this first quarter of the year. There will be massive activities in the economic sector of this nation. So let us remain patient, accept unfolding order and decent ways of doing things and key into same.


I have said it many times in issues of this Magazine, that the Church must now subject itself to decency and order in carrying out every aspect of her assignment, vision, duties and responsibilities. The Bible says “let all things be done decently and in order”

Also we should pray for all those in government, pray for the administration and criticize them when necessary but not blindly as we must always speak with understanding. We should also command them when necessary.

The Church represent God on Earth. We should stop doing things with impunity and recklessness. For example building big Churches on waterways or building big Cathedrals without any parking space. Some even build Churches on part of the road, etc. Let us stop doing wrong and shine in the light.


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